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In addition, Brady started to work the underneath areas of the coverage with timely tosses to his running backs — particularly James White, who recorded a Super Bowl-record 14 catches. Mizzou softball The slippery RB is an exceptional route runner out of the backfield, especially on circle routes and swings from an off-set position. Landscaping with rocks and stones As the Falcons started to play more zone near the red zone and on long-yardage downs, Brady continually dumped the ball off to a moving target on a check-down. Stardock fences While those dink-and-dunk receptions didn’t seem like much initially, Brady’s patience and discipline targeting the underneath routes paid off handsomely as the Falcons attempted to sit in zones to rest a tired defense. Absolute pitch training With fatigued defenders unable to corral White in the open field, the catch-and-run strategy allowed the Patriots to stay in manageable situations for the balance of the second half.

Remember, the Patriots scored on four separate drives that covered 70-plus yards on 10 or more plays. Vegetable garden layout planner Typically, that’s exactly how NFL defensive coordinators want offenses to play, because it requires tremendous patience and discipline to drive the length of the field without a negative play to derail the drive. Football field goal To his credit, Brady avoided the hero throw for most of the game and played “connect the dots” football in the late stages to sustain drives and get his team in a position to win the game late.

The best quarterbacks in the game not only make highlight-reel throws in key situations, but they exhibit the patience, poise and discipline to surgically pick apart a defense with an assortment of underneath throws when the coverage takes away deep shots. Basketball olympics 2016 usa Brady again showed the football world that he is the best quarterback in the business by adjusting his game in the middle of the Super Bowl to attack a defense that played lights out for a little over three quarters.

And, of course, Brady did tack on another Super Bowl-winning drive — this time in overtime — and notch his fourth Super Bowl MVP. Brett paving 2) Atlanta’s game-management errors hurt in the fourth quarter.

As a young player in the NFL, I had a wise coach tell me that more games are lost than won in this league. Football scores yesterday The coach said that the mismanagement of crucial game situations, turnovers and penalties lead to losses in the biggest spots. Fantasy football team names by player These things definitely came into play in the Falcons’ collapse on Sunday.

First things first: Play-count disparity was one of the key factors in the loss. Pitch bend ableton The Falcons’ beleaguered defense was on the field for 90-plus snaps (93 actual snaps, but 99 total snaps when factoring in penalties), and the resulting fatigue led to some defensive breakdowns. Fantasy 5 While some in the analytics crowd will tell you that time of possession doesn’t matter, it’s apparent the defense suffered mightily with the extra snaps. Gem pavers The pass rush disappeared late, with the D-linemen exhibiting rubber legs. Pitches in baseball Not to mention, the coverage loosened when the defensive backs lost their focus due to the mental and physical fatigue associated with playing man coverage for a high number of snaps. Softball tournaments in ga Prior to Sunday, the Falcons’ defense had never played more than 81 snaps in a single game this season, which suggests the unit played beyond its breaking point in Super Bowl LI.

Now, some things are unavoidable and can’t be blamed on coaching/game management — like how Alford’s pick-six meant that Atlanta’s defense had to stay on the field for lengthy back-to-back possessions in the first half (26 consecutive snaps in total). Wyevale swansea Despite that oddball circumstance, the Falcons’ offense could’ve aided the defense by milking the clock in the second half. Football teams near me While most observers have suggested the team should’ve run the ball more, Atlanta’s failure to simply take the play clock under the five-second mark in the third and fourth quarters gave the Patriots extra offensive snaps.

On the subject of running the football, though: The Falcons should’ve made the run a big part of their strategy immediately after getting to the cusp of the red zone with less than five minutes remaining in the game. Fantasy football espn Julio Jones’ insane catch gave Atlanta a first down at the Patriots’ 22-yard line. Landscap If the Falcons had run the ball on three consecutive downs, they could’ve burned clock and set up a very makeable field goal (especially for the reliable Matt Bryant) to increase their lead to 11 points. Patio menu That would’ve forced New England to face the daunting prospect of scoring a touchdown, converting a two-point attempt, securing an onside kick and swiftly driving into field goal range. Baseball team logos This should’ve been enough to make the Falcons take a conservative approach with the game almost in hand. Football schedule nfl But after one run play (more on that below), they decided to throw the ball. College football teams in texas A sack and a holding penalty later, Atlanta was out of field-goal range and had to punt.

One final point that I need to make: Atlanta’s kick-return unit also played a role in the team’s collapse. Basketball court diagram By trotting out the onside return team multiple times in the fourth quarter, the Falcons conceded valuable field position by catching the ball and running out of bounds deep inside their own territory. Hitting drills Although it didn’t get a lot of attention at the time, the poor field position decreased Atlanta’s odds of scoring and changed the play calling in critical moments. Garden city 3) The Patriots’ defensive adjustments paid off in the second half.

Hats off to Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and Belichick for making key adjustments on the sideline to slow down the Falcons’ high-powered offense in the second half. Baseball fantasy draft After watching the Dirty Birds race out to a 28-3 lead, the Patriots switched up their defensive tactics to get key stops at critical moments. Paving expert calculators The unit abandoned its conservative approach and attacked Matt Ryan with a few plays that disrupted the MVP’s rhythm in the pocket.

For instance, the Patriots kept the Falcons from putting points on the board after an unsuccessful onside kick with two minutes left in the third quarter by dialing up a blitz on third-and-long. California baseball teams Kyle Van Noy and Trey Flowers combined for a sack on a simple five-man loop blitz that kept the Falcons out of field-goal range.

The Patriots used a similar blitz to help Dont’a Hightower get a free shot on the quarterback midway through the fourth quarter. Baseball players steroids The blitz not only caught Ryan off guard, but Falcons RB Devonta Freeman wasn’t prepared for the tactic and allowed the big-bodied rusher to fly right by him: