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Nineteen hours before the kickoff of Super Bowl LI, Fox announcer Joe Buck was at his Houston hotel feeling like most of America: He believed the Falcons-Patriots matchup was going to be a terrific game. Phoenix bats “I’m of the opinion that these are the two best teams that are left and it’s not always that way,” Buck told SI. Backyard baseball pablo “I think it’s going to be a hell of a game. Batting tips But we’ll see.”

What we saw was the greatest comeback in championship game history including the first overtime game in Super Bowl history. Arizona softball You’ll wake up tomorrow and still won’t believe it, a 34-28 New England win after trailing 28-3 late in the third quarter. Garden centre toronto It was a game that looked forever like a blowout – and a ratings nightmare for Fox Sports—before Tom Brady solidified his standing as the greatest quarterback in league history.

NFL producers will tell you that while you aim to document every play in the Super Bowl to perfection, the play you truly must document to perfection is the one that people will be talking about years later. How to make a good deck in hearthstone This was a game where people will be talking about a number of plays, including a 27-yard reception from Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones with 4:47 left that might be the best catch I’ve ever seen in the Super Bowl. Softball australia But Patriots wideout Julian Edelman’s David Tyree-like catch with 2:28 left in regulation is the one that will be played on NFL highlight reels forever.

Game producer Richie Zyontz and director Rich Russo had a very strong fourth quarter and overtime and were at their best when they needed to be—on Edelman’s incomprehensible catch.

• But, and I give him a ton of credit, sideline reporter Chris Myers did a great job in a crazy postgame scene informing the audience who Brady was speaking with (assistant Falcons GM Scott Pioli, a former Patriots executive) before asking him three questions about the game including whether he felt redemption at the moment, which most viewers would understand related to his suspension. Small balcony garden ideas pictures I also loved the producers sticking with the shot of Myers desperately fighting through the scrum at 10:28 PM ET to get to Brady.

FOX using Intel’s new ‘Be The Player’ camera technology to show fans what Matt Ryan sees at the QB position #SB51— Mark J. Landscaping ideas around trees Burns (@markjburns88) February 6, 2017

1. Basketball olympics usa Last week ESPN NBA writer Dave McMenamin landed one of the most talked about sports interviews of 2017—LeBron James going public about the criticism TNT Sports commentator Charles Barkley has made of James over the years. Backyard baseball download Here is McMenamin’s story, which got pickup beyond America.

The public often never learns of how such stories come about, so I emailed McMenamin to find out the back story of how the story came to be. Little league baseball age chart 2016 Below is our email exchange.

Dave McMenamin: A bunch of things fell into place. El patio mcallen It started at the Cavs’ home game the Friday night before when I initially brought up Barkley’s “don’t want to compete” quotes to LeBron in the postgame scrum after the Cavs’ win over the Nets. How to build a fence in minecraft At the time, LeBron claimed he hadn’t heard them yet and I was telling him about them for the first time with all the cameras rolling. Knuckleball pitch He had a very diplomatic answer about Barkley needing to say stuff like that and it being good for ratings but after the scrum dispersed he and I spoke briefly about the full context of Barkley’s quotes and he expressed some displeasure with them. Sprinkler system diagram Mind you, last week felt like old times on the Cavs beat with suddenly all this doubt swirling around the team, which had been mostly absent since June following their epic championship comeback over the Warriors.

After LeBron put the organization on blast, it wasn’t just Barkley taking aim at him. How to pitch faster I even spoke to a team source that questioned where he was coming from and said that the Cavs were in the “top-heavy” predicament that James described by his own doing since he got “his boys” paid in J.R. Hotels in dripping springs texas Smith and Tristan Thompson, with the background being all three of them share the same agent in longtime James friend and business partner, Rich Paul. Landscape photos It was a notion that was touched on by Barkley in his rant against James (he mentioned Smith and Iman Shumpert by name, likely by accident when meaning to say Thompson) as well as by Kristine Leahy in a clip from The Herd on FS1, which happened to come across my Twitter timeline.

Wanting to follow up on this sentiment that was out there from a different angle, this idea that James made his own bed so now he has to sleep in it, I approached Thompson after the Cavs’ win on Sunday against the Thunder to get his take on it. High pitch eric periscope After all, to suggest that James was pulling all the strings behind the scenes for Thompson and Smith and thus limiting the Cavs’ spending flexibility was to say that A) Paul’s savvy work in advising Thompson to turn down a $45 million extension offer in October 2014 to bet on himself and eventually sign an $82 million extension following a contentious holdout in October 2015 was inconsequential because James was in charge all along and B) Thompson’s deal wasn’t worth every penny, because why else would it be suddenly called into question when Cleveland was struggling? Thompson, coming off his best game of the season, gave the type of direct, boastful answer I thought he might. Spring training schedule arizona I consider my working relationship with Tristan to be really good. Lanscaping I appreciate the man he is as a son and an older brother (he was the oldest of four boys in his family, I was the oldest of three boys in mine). Driveway He is also fiercely loyal and a good quote when he wants to be, so I knew I had the potential to move the story forward if I got his take on it.

He did not disappoint, giving me a strong quote to build the story around (“LeBron is not my agent”) while also providing keen insight about the recent history of NBA free agency starting to provide lucrative deals to indispensable workers such as himself, the way the NFL has long rewarded star offensive linemen. Fastest softball pitcher in the world I wrote the story Monday morning to give ESPN some Cavs content during the day, because there would be no shootaround content coming since the team doesn’t have any availability on the second night of a back-to-back until the pregame window. Brick fence designs And I hopped on a flight to Dallas to cover the game.

DM: As I explained, the interview began as a conversation about the Thompson story I wrote earlier in the day. Little league baseball field dimensions James said he had gotten wind of it, but he hadn’t read it. Garden snake baby So in explaining the background to the Thompson story, I rehashed Barkley’s comments. Little league pitch count rules 2016 James wondered why I would feel compelled to follow up on anything Barkley says, because giving a platform to someone with little credibility like Barkley, in his opinion, would only hurt my own credibility. Home design ideas for small spaces I countered that Barkley has one of the most influential voices in the sport of basketball, for better or worse, and the conversation ensued from there.

DM: I checked a final time with James to make sure he understood I would be writing the story that night before I left the locker room and then I took out my iPhone, opened up the voice recorder app, and started dictating all the quotes that James had just said to me in the last 5–10 minutes that I saw fit to print in the story. Outdoor furniture plans free download I had been saying them to myself over and over again in my head the way someone tries to remember a phone number, so when I started recording, it was just verbal diarrhea as I regurgitated everything I could recall.

The funny thing is, as I was making the walk from the visitor’s locker room to the media room mumbling to myself into my phone, I ended up walking virtually step by step next to Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Wyevale woodbridge I’ve interviewed Mark dozens of times over the years and have even been in some social situations with him, so we know each other a bit. Frances bean cobain art He looked over to me, making eye contact, and I just shot him a glance and went right back to talking into my phone because I didn’t want to lose my train of thought.

When I got to the media room I had an audio file about four minutes long of me dictating everything I could remember that LeBron said on the record. Rooftop bars near me I sent an email to the ESPN universal news desk to alert them of what I had, transcribed the audio file and wrote the story, finishing around 12:45 a.m. Patio town burnsville CT.

DM: On a personal note, Barkley has always been great with me. Little league baseball During the 2015 playoffs when the Cavs were playing the Hawks in Atlanta, I was going into an elevator as Barkley was coming out and he looked me in the face, grabbed me by the side and told me what a good job he thought I was doing with my TV reporting and to keep it up. Pitch in That was really the first time at ESPN when I was doing steady television work, so that meant a lot as I tried to muster the confidence to share air time with all the incredible broadcasters we have at our network. Irrigation supply store near me It still means a lot. El patio des moines He also stopped by our writers dinner in Cleveland during the Finals last June and held court for about 30 minutes, entertaining us all the way Charles is so capable of. Softball pitching videos That said, I fully understand where James is coming from. Lattice energy chart Much like the Phil Jackson “posse” story from earlier in the season, he felt like he and his inner circle were being unfairly targeted when all they’ve done as young, successful, black businessmen is provide an example for others to look up to and see how to do things the right way. Baseball online As James explained after the Jackson story, he is also showing people who look up to him that it is O.K. Small garden design pictures to speak up when you feel you’ve been wronged.

5i. Landscape calculator This is inside baseball but two of the most well-known sports media talent agencies recently merged into one business. Softball drills for 10u The Montag Group (60 clients, including Mike Tirico and Sean McDonough) and IF Management (150 clients, including Jessica Mendoza and Clarissa Ward) have merged talent operations to form a broadcast representation business with more than 200 clients. Building a deck step by step Per John Ourand of the Sports Business Daily, who broke the story, Montag also owns a media consulting business and a crisis management business in partnership with Ari Fleischer Communications.

5k. Georgia tech softball Cool of the New York Post to profile 96-year-old sports broadcaster Bob Wolff, who had the radio call of the famed Colts’ 23–17 overtime win over the Giants in the 1958 NFL championship game.