Talkin’ baseball with mlb network announcer brian kenny – ny daily news

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If MLB Network broadcaster Brian Kenny had gone into police work — his original Plan A — his analytical skills would have wiped out all crime in the New York area.

His new book “Ahead of the Curve: Inside the Baseball Revolution” (Simon & Schuster) received perhaps the greatest praise of any sports book in history: Bob Costas said that he would “continue to refer to it.”

Kenny has thought through the issues of why the game is played the way it’s played, and he has come up with answers that demonstrate an understanding of the game that’s insightful and unique.

He took time from talking about non-Red Sox-related (and therefore inconsequential) baseball news on MLB to speak about his book, his pitching, and his claim that if he were to step into a Major League dugout, he could hold his own as a manager.

Brian Kenny: My ideas were openly resisted by the game itself and, a little more important to me, in the media. Timber merchants liverpool I was having on-air battles at ESPN and then at the MLB Network. Softball fans I wondered why.

I realized it’s not that, “Oh, players are dumb, and the game is dumb, and jocks are dumb.” No, these are humans who are actively trying to beat each other for money. Baseball pitch cutter That’s what this is about, defeating your opponent and making more money and thriving and being successful.

And yet for all the work that they would do, just killing themselves to get better and to win and to keep their jobs when a no-cost solution was coming their way, they openly resisted it.

I found that through the decades, that’s always been the case. Counterfort retaining wall design example There’s always a lag time in seizing a competitive advantage, whether it’s the live ball or relief pitching or defensive shift or sabermetrics.

BK: It comes down to a herd mentality. Baseball field clipart We’re herd animals. Batting cages las vegas We only do things when the rest of the herd is ready to do them. Fantasy sports espn That holds all the way up to what we just saw in the playoffs where Andrew Miller was being used in the fifth and the sixth inning and he was used for three outs or four outs or six outs by Terry Francona, and then he was used that way in the playoffs.

We saw teams that he was playing affected by what he did. Flag football leagues near me We saw Aroldis Chapman’s role change a little bit, Kenley Jansen’s role change a little bit, because when your competition is doing it, you look silly if you’re not doing it. Timber suppliers glasgow They’re beating you. Fantasy basketball draft You must adjust, you must adapt, but my question is, why weren’t you doing that before?

No one was doing it before because no one else was doing it. What is irrigation As long as nobody gets cute, we can just keep doing this the same way. Auburn softball coach But when part of your herd moves over and everyone sees it’s successful, and does so very publicly, like in the playoffs, then the herd can move with that person, and that person was Tito Francona this year.

BK: That’s right. Gardening We want men who look like Captain Morgan or George Washington, standing with one foot on the dugout steps, looking like leaders even if they aren’t that good at managing.

ML: In the book, you list recent managers in terms of who are strikingly handsome former catchers and who are not, and it seems as though, is it possible in the era of television how a manager looks may matter more than how good the manager is?

BK: It really has to do with what we value or what the subconscious cues are to what we don’t even know we value. Basketball court size We want a large, striking-looking person with a deep voice, someone with a large head, someone who has an enormous amount of testosterone to lead our tribe. What is the fastest pitch in baseball And while we don’t need them to forage for food and beat back other tribes, those are actually the qualities what we’re looking for.

During the World Series, looking down the foul line, I saw both managers standing there, one foot up, one down, and they’re both looking like Washington crossing the Delaware. Facebook login history I’m like, I don’t think this is an accident! This is what a leader looks like, and by God, that’s what we want around here, a real man’s man. Paving expert That’s what you get.