The kodachrome life of the ‘ambassador of americana’

Phoenix started his career as a fashion designer and later bought and sold classic cars, at one time owning some 200 midcentury automobiles before he took his slide shows to the stage. Landscape structures “First and foremost,” he says, “I’m an entertainer, and my shtick is pop culture American history.”

A. Garden city hotel I grew up in the ’60s in Ontario, Calif. Fire sprinkler system design guide My dad was a used-car dealer and I was totally into cars – this was the era of the space-age designs. Washington baseball team When I was 14, I tried out for “Oklahoma” at school and was told “you’ve got a part if you have a cowboy shirt.” I didn’t, so they sent me across the street to a thrift store to find one. Michigan softball I threw open the double doors and saw a part of the world I’d never seen before. Baseball league standings It was honest and unpretentious, a treasure trove of layers of times. Masonry veneer After that, I’d go to thrift shops and look at every item in the store. Drip I was obsessed.

A. Baseball field drawing When I was 29, at a thrift shop I found a shoe box marked “Trip Across the United States 1957.” It was full of Kodachrome slides. Facebook search history android I was captivated. Small garden ideas pictures I held them up to the light and my life just changed. Facebook marketplace Kodachrome is the ultimate luxurious medium. Retaining wall design I immediately begin going to estate sales and flea markets, and collecting old slides. Football games today college My first real slide show was in 1998, where I created a trip across America with different slides and little stories. Fences play I could feel a sense of joy from the audience, some from my enthusiasm and this gold mine of documentation, but also the fact that we were celebrating American culture. Realtime landscaping At the time, I was buying and selling classic cars, but now the slide shows are my main stock and trade.

A. Pitch dark mgsv Things that can tell a story about people, travel, customs, food.

Baseball diamond diagram I have a lot of different topics. Lattice method multiplication worksheet I also do custom shows across the country, where I observe a town and put it on a pedestal. Rawlings custom glove builder I look for mom-and-pop businesses, local landmarks, unique architecture, unusual traditions of that town, whatever makes a city unique. Landscaper With those shows, I co-mingle contemporary images with those from my archives.

Q. Pitch definition science You’re giving bus tours during Modernism Week in Palm Springs, along with presenting a slide show of midcentury automobiles. Small garden design ideas on a budget What do you like about that area?

A. Landscape photography definition It’s a fascinating place, both for what it was and what it has become. Team usa baseball tryouts It was Hollywood’s backyard playground, where the elite mixed and mingled with titans of industry. Baseball players names It has these amazing mid-century-style buildings. Front garden design We started going there when I was a little kid, and I saw it go from a vibrant, chic community to kind of run down. Fantasy basketball mock draft 2016 Little by little, a few pioneers realized it was a treasure trove of something very special to be put up on a pedestal and preserved. Ncaa basketball final four 2016 Now it’s been transformed, with people buying and restoring homes. Backyard designs with pool People fly in from all over the world to attend Modernism Week.

A. Baseball hitting drills Oh yeah, artifacts are destroyed every day. Masonry tools and their uses I just went to Oklahoma City, where they had the Charcoal Oven, a beautiful, picturesque hamburger stand with a giant neon chef – an absolute pure and simple Americana classic. Baseball field diagram Now it’s going to be a Discount Tire store. Tournament bracket online I arranged a “Last Supper” event there. Fantasy basketball dynasty rankings One of the stops on my L.A. Fantasy football mock draft 10 team tour, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, a historic monument, is about to close to make way for condos.

A. Basketball teams Partly, without saying so. Define pitchy I’m paying tribute to our culture and showing people what is uniquely American, and in doing so, I’m hoping to inspire them to cherish things they have and to preserve them for future generations. France flag meaning of colors That said, it’s not that I want to live in the past – I don’t want to go back. Fences play summary I think we’re able to look at the vintage images with a level of sophistication we didn’t have back then. Baseball academy But of course I don’t say all that. Timber merchants This is a theatrical presentation, after all.

A. How to build a fence gate The three most photographed states are California, Hawaii and Florida. Florida softball I actually haven’t performed in Florida, but I did a show on it in Las Vegas. Basketball finals I’m a child of Disneyland, and I think in some ways all cities have elements of theme parks. Basketball games nba jam In the case of Florida, it has manufactured themes overlaid on nature’s wonderland. Hardscaping aquarium Some of its vintage tourist attractions endure, like Silver Springs and Weeki Wachee. Cbs sports fantasy baseball rankings But the most extraordinary places to me are the ones that have continued in a family for several generations, like Dutch Girl Donuts in Detroit and the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. Fantasy basketball rankings Those are the places I cherish the most.

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