Trade partners_ boosting us-india maritime cooperation – ship technology

According to a report in The Economic Times the Indian government hopes to raise between USD 50 and USD 60 billion in foreign investment to help with the infrastructural costs of the Sagar Mala Project and a further USD 100 billion for industrial development around the ports. Football positions In doing so they’ll hope to leverage what Shah calls “the best of American technology and technical expertise”, epitomised, she adds, by the Mississippi River inland waterways at St. Lattice definition Louis Port, which particularly impressed Gadkari on his trade visit.

“He was intrigued by the 40,000km of navigable water,” she says. Softball nsw “He sees it as the most commercially viable inland waterways system in the world, given it covers almost all of North America. Uga softball schedule They discussed the feasibility of replicating this for India’s River Ganga and its graduation to an effective inland waterways system to move goods and passengers.” What’s on the cards for U.S. Cobblestone bread Investors?

Some US West Coast ports including the Port of Long Beach have already expressed an interest in participating in the Sagar Mala project, but what does the wider project offer to US investors?

“I think it offers investment opportunities in the world’s third largest economy and a chance to partake in the fastest growing large economy today, against the backdrop of global economic gloom,” Shah says. Pitch music “There are opportunities in so many different areas: building new ports, terminals, shipbuilding and repair, exploiting the benefits of coastal economic zones, coastal and cruise shipping, solar and wind power generation. Mizzou softball schedule 2016 When Gadkari spoke to American investors at the U.S.-India Business Council back in July, his team also highlighted six greenfield port locations for development and four waterways including the 1,620 km-long River Ganga. Fastpitch softball pitching drills They also highlighted investment opportunities in 106 national waterways for specific projects. Spring training arizona 2016 So there’s a lot to be excited about.” Is India really open for business?

One thing that may hold back US investors is the recurring complaint that Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party has been slow to match its rhetoric on economic development with actual reforms. Jacksons fencing A report published by the US State Department back in July, noted that a number of changes proposed by the BJP have struggled to pass through the Parliament of India including the all-important Land Acquisition Bill.

“India has a decentralised federal system of government in which states possess extensive regulatory powers, the report stated. Where to buy fabric near me “Regulatory decisions governing important issues such as zoning, land-use, and the environment vary between states. Sprinkler irrigation system layout Opposition from labor unions and political constituencies slows the pace of land acquisition, environmental clearances, and investment policy”.

Positive changes have happened though. Landscape forms bench Since the State Department’s report was published one of the most important and intractable reforms – the Goods and Services Tax – passed through Parliament enabling the streamlining of a previously convoluted tax structure. Stardock fences alternative While Shah admits “economic reforms have been slow” she says this is a sign that things are moving in the “right direction”.

“I think despite the deep legislative challenges, Prime Minister Modi has incrementally worked on micro-level reforms to boost investor confidence,” she says. What does pitch mean in music “These include accelerated infrastructure investment, greater openness to foreign direct investment in defense, civil aviation, railways, and insurance, passage of a bankruptcy code, and facilitating a transparent auction of key natural resources. Baseball teams by state Perhaps the biggest policy win was the passing of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill in the upper house which is also great news for the shipping/logistics industry.”

Whether other reforms can make their way through Parliament in the coming months and years remains to be seen. Baseball games in a season What is clear is that if India can succeed in attracting American capital and other foreign investment to its maritime sector the benefits could be vast. Timber merchants glasgow “Gadkari estimates that resuscitating the shipping sector could add around two percent to India’s GDP and create nearly five million jobs,” Shah says. Pinch hitter 2 passwords “Addressing all the issues simultaneously could very well catapult the economy into reaching close to its actual potential.”