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Are you a budding entrepreneur with an exciting new idea? Then why not enter Red Tape Tank. Garden of words It’s the Trini version of TV show Shark Tank, where people pitch their ideas to experts in the hope that it will get funding. What is pitch in english Except in Red Tape Tank, people pitch their ideas to a panel of Government ministers and then watch as said ministers kill their idea by strangling it with red tape and bureaucracy. How to install chain link fence gate One lucky person will win a chance to see their idea come to fruition, while being subjected to burdensome regulations and counterproductive labour laws.

Landscaper definition All you have to do to win is pay the highest bribe.

The great thing about Red Tape Tank is that it’s a reality show you can enter just by living the everyday reality of T&T. Trellis definition Take Uber, for example. Garden of eden maui Uber is a hugely successful transportation company that allows users to book a taxi through a smartphone application. Landscape design online They also make it easy for anyone to become a paid Uber driver. Mono pitched roof construction details When Uber launched in T&T this week, with Machel Montano as their first passenger; Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan appeared rather offended. Front yard landscaping images That’s because thousands of people worldwide have found Uber to be convenient, reliable and innovative, three principles which go against everything the Ministry of Transport stands for.

Speaking to the media, Minister Sinanan questioned Uber’s legality and found it incredible that Uber had not spoken to him prior to its launch. Pitching a tent He was also quite fed up of reminding people that Machel Montano is not actually a Minister of Road. Francesca battistelli beautiful beautiful lyrics Saying that Uber drivers would need to register their vehicles as taxis and citing concerns over insurance, the Minister suggested Uber mash brakes until Government puts proper legislation in place to accommodate it. Football field size Which, given their track record, should be around the time humans invent teleportation machines and are living on Mars. Landscape photography So it’s probably best Uber apply for a meeting with him to discuss Mars licensing rules from now.

Minister Sinanan wasn’t the only one to berate Uber for trying to employ people to drive other people around. Ncaa basketball tournament live stream Police information officer Michael Pierre took time out of his busy schedule and 13.6 per cent murder detection rate to warn the public that under the law Uber cars are classed as PH taxis, and are illegal. Landscape architecture magazine Anyone caught breaking the law will be prosecuted. Outdoor research Unless of course you’re a murderer, rapist or one of the hundreds of non-Uber PH taxis that ply the roads each day that the police ignore.

Other Trinis have pointed out that Uber has attracted concerns in other parts of the world, like New York and London where more civilised people live. Online football games multiplayer And, coincidentally, where powerful taxi unions have a monopoly on the taxi trade. Fantasy baseball rankings 2016 Others still were enraged that we are allowing these American technology companies like Uber to simply infiltrate our country at the expense of local businesses. D fence commercial They were so enraged; many took to popular local technology company Facebook to express their disgust.

Don’t think that international brands like Uber are the only stars in the Red Tape Tank reality show. Football season quotes According to the World Bank, T&T ranks a paltry 96 in “ease of doing business”, below countries like St Lucia (86) and Jamaica (67). Landscape architect salary In terms of global competitiveness, we’re ranked an embarrassing 94, and in global innovation we’re ranked 84, trailing Guyana (78) and Barbados (47). Baseball pitch slider So whether you want to start a new technology company, bring a new product to market or just open a roti shop, rest assured you will be treated with the same crippling contempt with which government economic policy treats everyone.

Free market economists suggest that reducing red tape like burdensome regulations, antiquated laws and state involvement in the economy makes it easier for people to conduct business and take risks on new ideas. Pitch definition physics This in turn boosts economic growth and innovation. Fabric outlet near me Companies like Uber entering the local market is good they say, because it can help grow our digital economy and boost employment in the technology sectors where the jobs of the future are.

However, Government ministers counter that view, saying free market economists are capitalist pigs and red tape helps remind people that Government is responsible for every great innovative business idea and companies, like WASA, UDeCOTT and Petrotin. Baseball fantasy Besides, if it weren’t for red tape, who would Government ministers schedule meetings with? As they say in the Red Tape Tank, always follow your dreams, unless you don’t have the proper government paperwork. Small garden design ideas photos Then don’t.

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