Tullamore_ the phoenix rises – the whiskey wash

Tullamore is a charmingly old-fashioned market town in County Offaly and stands on the Grand Canal bang in the centre of Ireland, equidistant between Dublin and Galway City. Baseball diamond The distillery was founded in 1829 to take advantage of the Canal, which was finished in 1804 and connects Dublin in the east with the River Shannon in the west.

The whiskey made here has long been known as Tullamore Dew, which brings to mind Long John MacDonald’s famous Dew of Ben Nevis. Fantasy basketball mock draft Actually, it is spelled D.E.W, the initials of the man who put the brand on the map, Daniel E. Nicolock pavers Williams.

Williams started work at the distillery at the age of fifteen, rose to be its general manager in 1873, and later bought the place from its absentee owner. Jain irrigation stock At this time the make was triple-distilled pure pot still whiskey and had a high reputation not only in Dublin, but also in London, Liverpool and Australia, sold with the slogan “Give Every Man His Dew”!

Daniel Williams was an innovator. Small garden designs ideas pictures As well as introducing the most up-to date plant and processes, electricity, and the telephone to the distillery – now known as the D.E. Cbssports com fantasy football Williams Distillery – he bought the first automobile to be seen in the town.

He was succeeded by his grandson, Desmond, but times were hard and Tullamore Distillery suffered the same difficulties that crippled the Irish whiskey industry in the early half of the 20th century: Irish independence and civil war, the loss of Commonwealth markets, and American Prohibition. How to install pavers over dirt After a visit to the United States in 1947, where he discovered that Irish whiskey was perceived as being ‘too heavy,’ Desmond installed a column still and introduced a new product, Tullamore Dew Blended Whiskey, a mix of three types of Irish Whiskey – pure pot still, patent still grain, and malt – the first-ever blended Irish whiskey.

To this day, the company makes a strong claim in ‘The Power of Three’: triple distillation, three styles of whiskey in the blend, three kinds of cask used to mature the spirit – traditional refill, ex-bourbon, and ex-sherry.

Desmond also produced a liqueur whiskey named Irish Mist, which soon became even more successful than Dew. Pitched roof definition But by the mid-1950s the distillery equipment was antiquated and the warehouse full of unsellable stock. Team usa softball The distillery closed. Fences movie The original stills have been moved to Kilbeggan Distillery not far away.

The Tullamore Dew brand was sold to John Powers & Son, which merged with John Jameson and Cork Distillers to become Irish Distillers, with their headquarters at Midleton Distillery in County Cork. Softball pictures In 1994 the brand was sold to the old established Irish drinks distributor, Cantrell & Cochrane, who had previously bought Irish Mist. Facebook search history The latter is currently made at Clonmel and Tullamore Dew at Midleton.

In 2010, the brands and old distillery buildings in Tullamore were bought by William Grant & Sons, the hugely successful family company which owns Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Girvan Distilleries. Small garden ideas no grass The original bonded warehouse on the bank of the Grand Canal has been restored and is now a visitor and conference centre, and work immediately started on a large, new, state-of-the-art distillery on the outskirts of the town. Football season opener It was opened by Peter Gordon, Grant’s Chief Executive and great x5-grandson of the eponymous William Grant in September 2014 – a mere twenty months after planning permission had been granted.

In truth, Tullamore is not an ideal site for a distillery. Pervious concrete pavement The land is peat bog for miles around, yet in spite of this there was no convenient water source. Espn fantasy football rankings ppr Peter Gordon and his uncle, Charles Gordon, did explore other sites, but the only logical place to locate the new distillery was in the town of its birth. Outdoor lighting perspectives As Peter said in his opening speech: “Uncle Charles chose the path of greatest resistance.” The decision was hugely important for the local community: a local businessman put up a large banner in the town reading “Welcome Home Tullamore Dew”

The problems were overcome by investing €35 million and employing 1,200 distillery engineers and construction workers. Cobblestone generator 250,000 tonnes of spongy peat and soil were excavated (and redistributed to become the rolling landscape around the distillery) and 2,300 piles were sunk. College football teams list Offaly County Council solved the water shortage by laying a 14km pipe from the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

The main distillery building massively impressive, partly clad in mellow golden sandstone quarried in Yorkshire – rough hewn at ground level, dressed above – and roofed with Spanish slate. Football games The façade is broken up by large arched windows and imaginative detailing, such as brick lintels and faux pagodas with copper finials, inspired by old Irish distillery buildings.

The production plant is super-modern, including a a Variomill conditioning wet roller, to both soften and crush unmalted barley; a mash conversion vessel, as well as a traditional lauter tun; and six 34,000-liter stainless steel fermenters, with room for six more.

But the stills are copies of the original Tullamore pot stills, and since two styles of spirit are distilled – pure pot still (from a mix of malted and unmalted malt) and pure malt – there are two wash stills, one with a weird offset neck reflecting the original shape; two low wines still; and two spirit stills. Front porch ideas for small houses Single malt and pure pot still spirits are produced in parallel.

A separate grain distillery, with column stills, is currently being built nearby to supply the third ingredient for Tullamore Dew’s keynote ‘triple blend’ formula. Softball city Currently, there are two warehouses on site, each with the capacity to hold 55,000 casks, and planning permission for a further eleven warehouses has been granted.

William Grant & Son’s commitment to Tullamore – the place, the people, the distillery and the brand – is apparent in every detail of this heroic project. Little league pitch count rules They are to be congratulated. Curtain factory outlet Like the mythical phoenix of Greek mythology, Tullamore has risen from the ashes of its past.