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Before the deck was built, they had to descend staircases inside the towers to the caissons at the base, muster on a gangway and then jump aboard a swaying barge to safety.

Safety is at the top of Henderson’s mind. How to landscape “We are very remote, being out in the water, and the logistics are complicated. Back garden ideas uk You have to think about rescue and how to get the guys out – there’s a lot more focus on that than on land.”

“When I came here, it was unnerving,” recalled Henderson, 39, who arrived in 2012. Fantasy football team names “Access to the deck was via boat, then on an open hoist – a metal cage – which takes you up 200ft. Louisville slugger field You have a big visual drop below, which can be nerve-wracking. Mls softball riverside The first time I was on the bridge I was looking down every single step. Landscape urbanism One guy, when he first went out, he was in a really bad way, hanging on to the girders and steel.

But, of course, the dangers of such an environment are very real. Basketball rio 2016 schedule John Cousins, 60, a fitter, died last April after being reportedly struck by the boom of a crane he was directing on the north tower deck. Baseball diamond images Construction was halted for three days as a mark of respect.

If things had gone to schedule, more than two million vehicles would have crossed the bridge by now after its planned opening in December. Youth basketball tournaments However, if the weather is kind, motorists will now get their first chance to drive over the crossing in May.

The deck will also seem wider, with the addition of a third lane (hard shoulder) and a solid surface between the carriageways rather than the void between them on the current road bridge.

To complete the changed experience, motorists used to the “bump, bump” of their tyres over each section of the Forth Road Bridge’s deck can look forward to a smooth 70-mph-limit motorway surface on the Queensferry Crossing.

Officials are noncommittal about whether there will be a special day before the opening to provide what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride or stroll across the new bridge.

The final segment of the deck may have been lifted into place on Friday, but engineers are keen to stress there’s still plenty to do before the bridge is ready for traffic.

The “long list” includes laying the road surface over the concrete base covering the deck, and installing “architectural lighting” along the deck and up the towers, which should make for a spectacular illumination.

Still only partially built is the 11ft tall windshielding along the edge of the carriageways, which is designed to keep the bridge open – at least for cars – however strong the wind.

Looking like a multi-storey safety barrier – three bands of metal topped by three of clear plastic – there is a wider gap between them near the bottom to afford clearer views.

Another major task to be completed is re-tensioning the 288 cables which hold up the towers, to ensure the bridge’s geometry is perfect. Basketball positions From deck level, the cables – up to 1,400ft long – look like the spokes of part of a giant bicycle wheel. Front yard landscaping ideas pictures The length of wire inside them could almost stretch round the Earth.

Each cable can be individually replaced, avoiding the Forth Road Bridge’s Achilles heel of depending on its single suspension cable which runs the length of the structure.

Since the 1980s, there have been campaigns in Fife for two bridges, with politicians producing lurid brochures depicting congestion on the Forth Road Bridge as an economic noose choking the region’s development, and as vehicles falling off the end of graphs.

The scheme remained the policy of the Forth Road Bridge’s former operators – the Forth Estuary Transport Authority – until this was superseded by the need to replace the existing bridge when corrosion was found in its suspension cable.

However, the story may still have some way to run because the new bridge is officially known as the Forth Replacement Crossing, and will have the same number of lanes as the one it will take over from.

The Forth Road Bridge will become a “public transport corridor”, reserved for buses and taxis, as well as being an emergency back-up should anything happen on the new bridge.

But with only a few hundred vehicles a day likely to be crossing compared with nearly 70,000 on the Queensferry Crossing, there are bound to be questions raised about the disparity, particularly considering the ongoing cost of keeping the Forth Road Bridge open. Facebook apple watch Replacing its worn-out deck expansion joints next year will cost some £9 million alone.

“This is up there with the biggest bridges I have built,” he said. Garden city ks “Very few people will have worked on a project of this scale. Usfa softball texas It’s also much more enjoyable to be working on a bridge at home.”

The bridge may be the visual focus of the £1.35 billion project, but connecting it to the road network is a significant part of the work, including substantial new junctions at either end.

Her work ordering materials and planning work is also taking on a new dimension as she moves on to the bridge itself after completing new roads at its southern end. Alabama softball camp It is going to be a lot more challenging,” she said. Wyevale bicester “The weather is going to affect us much more – both temperature and wind.”