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Sam WARBURTON is the ultimate rugby gentleman, quiet, modest and unassuming off the pitch, while a totally committed and utterly selfless professional on the field, who leads by his own deeds rather than shouting and cajoling. Land scaping On his watch we have enjoyed two memorable Six Nations titles, including the extraordinary 2012 Grand Slam, and seen the Lions’ pride restored with a rare and resounding series victory in Australia, which must rank him as one of the greatest Welsh captains in our proud history.

However, I accept Rob Howley’s argument that Sam has a much better chance of consistently re-establishing his world-class credentials as a player (and thereby claiming a flanker berth in the Lions Test side this summer) by leaving the captaincy responsibility to Alun Wyn. Asphalt 8 mod apk I have no doubt Sam will rise to the occasion and, as always, lead by example, and if every other Welsh player shows the same 100% commitment and focus, the 2017 Six Nations Championship will be ours!

It is likely the roof will be closed for the home internationals and I have serious concerns for the health of spectators, particularly those with lung problems like me.

The flares before the matches and the resultant black smoke that hangs in the stadium air is a major health concern. Funny softball pics This practice flies in the face of efforts being made across the world where countries are trying to reduce damaging air pollution.

I would like to endorse the very good letter written by Huw Beynon, of Llandeilo, regarding the way so many TV presenters make no effort to learn a bit of simple Welsh pronunciation and so galumph about our screens murdering our place names.

But in all seriousness there are three issues here. Diy outdoor furniture One is that it shows poor professionalism in that they seem blissfully unaware they are in an area that should obviously be unfamiliar to them – so ask! Then it shows a lack of respect to the people living in the area, and thirdly it shows a crashing lack of respect to someone else’s language. Little league baseball ages And these people get paid.

It is not so difficult. Garden centre london ontario For many years I lived abroad and became friendly with a local family, and their postal address is interesting: the family name was Arabic/Urdu, the street was Hindi, the village was Spanish, the town was Carib Indian, and the country was Spanish. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 4 In addition, while the national language was English, some people spoke French patois or Spanish patois and some spoke Hindi and even Carib.

But if I was in any doubt as to how a name should be pronounced I asked. Sales pitch synonym It’s not rocket science. Baseball teams in chicago It’s time some of these overpaid tra-la-las did a bit of homework and learned respect!

Your Political Editor David Williamson tells us (“Key messages Trump sent to the world in his inaugiuration speech”, Western Mail, January 21) “the days of American nation-building are over…”

My first impression was that this was a typo and should have read “the days of American nation-bombing are over”. Landscape products bath pa However, reading on, Williamson declared that “President George W Bush wanted to spread democracy abroad but that Trump would not seek to impose the US way of life on anyone”.

The US has among its closest allies the brutal, feudal dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States which could not survive without US arms and protection, and which are a million miles away from being democracies.

Just about the only result that you can guarantee from US “nation building” is absolute chaos, bloodshed and a failed state – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Yemen being the most recent examples. Softball canada rules Surely only the most naive still believe that the US is interested in promoting democracy and human rights with its interventions.

So why does the USA keep on behaving like the school bully? Its only serious rival, the Soviet Union, conceded defeat in the late 1980s in the hope of a period of peace and harmony to develop its economy, to lift living standards and liberalise society. Baseball teams in ohio To answer this we need to go back to one of the many “think-tanks” which have proliferated around Washington DC. Tropical garden design ideas Of these the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was by far the most important because it included many of the characters who would attain high rank and positions of influence in the governments of Bush and Obama.

PNAC called for a “PAX Americana”, which, with the Soviet Union out of the way, was now possible. Professional landscape architect It needed the USA to use its military and economic power to ensure that no new rival was ever allowed to challenge its economic and military domination. Lattice energy definition But implementing these plans created new enemies by the bucketful, especially when it was decided to start in the oil-rich sands of the Middle East. Baseball games near me Fortunately, for those who do not believe that people should be dictated to by another class from another country, these plans have almost always been met by heroic resistance.

Of course, the biggest prize of all is Russia with its vast resources and educated population. Obama first pitch Fortunately it has nuclear weapons and a shrewd leader, who unlike the naïve Gorbachev, knows what’s happening and has been moving his chess pieces into defensive positions. Pitching grips All the US can do is demonise Russia and Putin and place as many sanctions as it can on the country in the hope of eventually disaffecting the population and hoping for an internal “colour revolution”. Little league football near me With Putin’s approval rating higher than 70% this again looks unlikely.

It is to Trump’s credit that he seems to have understood the lunacy of the PNAC and decided to give up on regime change wherever the US has no legal business to intervene. Facebook app not working It’s a pity Obama couldn’t work this out or was too afraid of offending the deep state to try a less reprehensible alternative.