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Though Raul and Marcos Senna apparently told team executives that they preferred the playing surface at MCU to the then home field at Shuart, hosting soccer on a baseball diamond didn’t please everyone. Football season Perhaps a solution to this would be to utilize Nexxfield temporary turf. Best fantasy football websites This material can be laid on top of the existing permanent playing surface, eliminating the baseball diamond and creating a pristine looking soccer field. El pato harlingen This was something that Rayo OKC did at Miller Stadium before a literal turf war saw half the field disappear overnight. Pitch angle calculator Eric Stover actually talked about the surface on the Inverted Triangle Podcast earlier this year and seemed confident that the surface could be laid and removed in as little as 24 hours.

Talking of existing relationships, Rocco Commisso clearly has strong links with Columbia University. Spring training florida 2016 The Ivy League school’s soccer team even plays at a stadium named after him. Pitched roof extension ideas Though Rocco B. Landscape design plans Commisso Stadium is a soccer specific facility and hosted the Red Bulls II for a single game in 2015, the capacity of only 3,500 makes it much more likely that the Cosmos would look to the larger American football orientated Wien Stadium next door.

This idea isn’t a new one. Yaw pitch roll It has been explored as a potential development site for a new NYCFC stadium. Garden planner It’s current capacity of 17,100 is certainly ample, and it is steps from the MTA 1 train and in sight of the Metro North Railroad. Batting average But it is a drastic geographical departure for a team that has so far courted fans from Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens. Yankee stadium tour Not to mention the proximity to Yankees Stadium and NYCFC. Small backyard landscaping ideas Wein Stadium, as seen by the writer from the Marble Hill stop on the Metro North earlier this week Ben Bryden

Ok, now we get to some of the more outlandish ideas. Minnesota landscape arboretum The idea of a Red Bulls – Cosmos merger was one that Twice a Cosmos’ own Mike Chiara explored recently. Fastest softball pitch ever Obviously ground sharing is a whole different scenario, but it is something that Rocco Commisso has discussed as being a logical option moving forward.

But this is non-starter for many reasons. Football teams in london First, the NASL would likely be inherently opposed to one of their teams renting from the MLS, and it falls outside of Commisso’s remit of being within the five boroughs. Home garden design pictures But it is a new, soccer specific stadium, with real grass and reasonable transit links (though anyone who has attempted to board a post-game PATH train would likely beg to differ!)

Back in 2013, when NYCFC were yet to be fully realised, the Daily News reported that the Mets were “very interested and fully capable” of hosting an MLS franchise. Stardock fences windows 10 And the idea of soccer at Citi Field is also not new, with the stadium hosting a variety of games in previous years. Pinch hitter 2 unblocked Obviously this is a well established, iconic venue with excellent transit and road links. Landscape photography lens But it would probably be cavernous for the types of crowds the Cosmos might expect next season, dream though we might. Ancestry sign in Though if the team fosters a working relationship with the Mets organisation at the minor league level in Brooklyn, who’s to say Citi field couldn’t be a home away from home when sell-out games are expected?

Now we really enter the fairytale realm. Beautiful landscapes tumblr In what remains one of the the largest untapped real estate opportunities left in the city, Sunnyside Yards could one day be the site of a major redevelopment that would easily house a sports complex (a la Barclays Center, only much more vast). Fantasy baseball rankings This is a speculative one that Empire of Soccer’s Bill Reese explored in detail a couple of years back as the ‘dream location’ for NYCFC. Portfolio outdoor lighting transformer troubleshooting It certainly would tick a lot of boxes for both teams, and once again brings up the idea of ground sharing, but would be a permanent solution that is naturally a long, long way off at this stage.

While we’re on the subject of speculative long term solutions though…Should MCU Park prove the interim stop, why not take a whimsical look at this potential site that has been earmarked for development. Rock garden images Doesn’t it look tailor made for a soccer specific stadium? After all, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was pretty clear when he tweeted in 2015 “I want to bring a world class soccer team to Brooklyn”. Garden state parkway But I digress… Watch mlb online free streaming live Where will be the scene of the reunion between Captain Carlos and the 5 Points on April 1st? Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Of course there are several other venues that have hosted Cosmos games in the past. Hardscaping Naturally Belson Stadium, the stage for the recent Soccer Bowl, comes to mind. Major league baseball scores from last night But is way too small for where you would imagine management would like to take the team. Landscape wallpaper Fordham’s 7000 capacity Coffey Field was the scene of last year’s US Open Cup match-up with NYCFC, albeit with the opposition technically being the home team. Irrigation definition geography There’s even Mitchell Field, the Cosmos’ training base over the last few years which was discussed as a potential venue in the past. Vegetable garden layout ideas The list could go on.

And indeed it does. Francesca battistelli free to be me In May 2016, Midfieldpress’ Chris Kivlehan wrote about this topic in great detail, and mentioned many of the options discussed here. Spring training arizona At that time Belmont was still a possibility (however remote) and that was before the recent crisis and rebirth under Commisso. Baseball diamond clipart But even in the current context it still provides some very interesting reading.

Though I think we have all have a pretty clear inkling of the outcome, there’s no harm in asking – where do you see the Cosmos playing next year? What is your preferred option? And do you have any ideas (realistic or otherwise) of where you’d like to see the team play, wether temporarily or permanently?