Why corruption is the number one political issue in romania

Protestors who have thronged the streets of Bucharest and other Romanian cities over the last week scored a notable victory when they forced the government to withdraw its controversial decree limiting the scope of anti-corruption prosecutions at the weekend. Pitch meaning in music Yet the fight is far from over. Baseball pitcher stats The government is expected to reintroduce its proposals in a parliamentary bill, while the opposition remains angry and mobilised. Softball clipart The fundamental question of how Romania deals with its corruption problem has not been resolved.

What provoked public fury more than anything was the self-serving nature of the government’s plans. Small front garden ideas on a budget Among those who stood to benefit was Liviu Dragnea, the leader of the governing PSD party who is currently barred from ministerial office following a conviction for ballot rigging. Espn major league baseball scores yesterday The proposal to decriminalise corruption offences involving sums lower than £38,000 threatened to create a category of acceptable theft. Baseball pitcher workouts For a country that loses an estimated $16-33bn to corruption each year, it would have marked a huge step backwards.

Although government’s retreat is welcome, it would be a mistake to assume that everything is fine with Romania’s anti-corruption drive. Francesca battistelli holy spirit In part, the abandoned decree was meant to give effect to a constitutional court ruling that limits the offence of “abuse of office” to acts specifically defined as criminal. Irrigation Anti-corruption prosecutors have applied a much broader definition of the term to indict officials for acts that in most countries would be classified as negligent rather than corrupt. Softball junk Reports suggest that some Romanian civil servants have become reluctant to approve spending decisions for fear of being accused of corruption if a project goes wrong. Gacebo That obviously needs to change.

Serious allegations have also cast doubt on the integrity of the National Anticorruption Agency (DNA). Drip drop plumbing Some of these started surfacing late last year in a series of videos released by Sebastian Ghita, a media owner and former PSD parliamentarian currently on the run from charges of corruption. Facebook mobile cover photo size Among other things, Ghita claims that the DNA works in tandem with the domestic intelligence service (SRI) to manipulate the judicial system to their mutual advantage and that the DNA’s current head, Laura Kovesi, procured his help in framing a rival media owner on charges of corruption. Espn fantasy baseball keeper rankings Although the accusations have been denied, they were enough to force the resignation of Florian Coldea, the deputy head of the SRI, last month.

Ghita’s credibility as a witness can be questioned, but much of what he says is consistent with evidence that has emerged elsewhere. Facebook live logo The DNA has conceded that it relies on 20,000 wiretaps provided by the SRI each year and that it pursues cases instigated by senior intelligence officers. Evergreen landscaping An SRI General has gone on the record to admit that his agency intervenes in the judicial system and regards it as a “tactical field” of operations. Fantasy football team names 2015 Official papers obtained by the National Union of Judges of Romania show that SRI officers work in mixed teams with DNA prosecutors without proper legal authority. Usa softball roster Calls by judges for the authorities to investigate long-standing suspicions that SRI operatives have penetrated the judiciary have been ignored.

The DNA/SRI nexus works to the benefit of both parties. Sprinkler system design DNA prosecutors get a steady flow of intelligence that enables them to pursue high-profile individuals and burnish their reputations as defenders of the public interest. How to lay flagstone patio In exchange, the SRI is able to instigate prosecutions against targets of its choosing. Garden city community college One constitutional court judge was arrested the day after he voted to strike down a surveillance law that the SRI had been lobbying for. Free indoor basketball courts nyc The allegation that intelligence officers play a covert role in directing anti-corruption investigations has also been made by Alina Bica who ran the agency responsible for combating organised crime before she herself was arrested by the DNA on charges of corruption. Timber merchants near me She claims that her fall was orchestrated by the SRI after she repeatedly turned down demands from Florian Coldea to prosecute specific individuals.

An anti-corruption effort that appears to operate as an arm of the ‘deep state’ should arouse widespread concern about the impact on civil liberties and public accountability. Peach aviation There are certainly plenty of reasons to think that Romania’s criminal justice system is not functioning according to accepted democratic standards. Close out bats Conviction rates of 92% in cases brought by the DNA are more typical of countries like Russia and China, and highly suggestive of a system that is failing to protect defendants’ rights. Free indoor basketball courts near me A look at many high profile cases reveals why. Softball drills for 8u They routinely feature abuses of fair process, including violations of the presumption of innocence, the pre-trial leaking of prosecution evidence to the media, undue influence exerted on the judiciary by prosecutors and the frequent resort to pre-trial detention as a form of leverage or punishment before the verdict.

There is a risk that Romania will become trapped in a debilitating state of political warfare over the issue of corruption unless a new national consensus emerges about how to tackle it. Football positions Reforms are needed to improve transparency, safeguard human rights, strengthen judicial independence and remove the covert influence of intelligence officers. Lattice definition A system that was fairer would, in turn, enjoy greater legitimacy and be more effective as a result. Softball nsw The key step would be for Romania’s political parties to accept the integrity of a reformed anti-corruption process and stop trying to shield their members from prosecution. Uga softball schedule In the polarised atmosphere of the last week, that looks like a distant hope.

Who is Milo Yiannopoulos? This is both a journalistic and a philosophical question. Cobblestone bread The first answer is that he is an editor of the fringe right-wing website Breitbart – formerly led by Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon – who was banned from Twitter for his involvement in the harassment of an actor in the Ghostbusters reboot. Pitch music When he was booked to speak at the University of California, Berkeley, on 1 February, a demonstration against him led to smashed windows and to Donald Trump tweeting: “If UC Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence [ sic] on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?”

Publicity such as this is nectar to Yiannopoulos. Mizzou softball schedule 2016 His forthcoming book, Dangerous, has done brisk business as a result of the tweet and is now at the top of Amazon’s political humour chart.

Yiannopoulos has emerged as the “alt-right” movement’s thirstiest self-promoter, carefully flirting with bigotry for clicks. Fastpitch softball pitching drills When “Gamergate” began, he appointed himself the king of an online vigilante army, defending video games from feminists who wanted plausible storylines and better underwiring for female characters. Spring training arizona 2016 This was despite his frank admission that he didn’t play them himself. Jacksons fencing There was, however, some mysterious quality that made him more of a “gamer” than women who had spent their whole career in the industry. Where to buy fabric near me (My mistake: it wasn’t a mysterious quality. Sprinkler irrigation system layout It was the ownership of a penis.)

Getting the attention of Trump – to whom he refers as “Daddy” – was probably the highlight of Yiannopoulos’s life. Landscape forms bench The Gamergate episode shows just how well adapted he is for success in our media ecosystem. Stardock fences alternative To paraphrase the US journalist Matt Taibbi, he is a vampire squid, relentlessly jamming his blood-funnel into anything that smells of notoriety.

He is also unhindered by principles, shame or the desire to be consistent. What does pitch mean in music He has said almost uncountable appalling things, then insisted either that he did not mean them or that some aspect of his identity made them OK. Baseball teams by state For example, he once wrote about how “preening poofs in public life” made it harder for “regular young gay people”. Baseball games in a season But he is gay, so what’s the harm?

Similarly, when a blogger suggested that he was anti-Semitic, he referred to being Jewish himself. Timber merchants glasgow (He has also claimed to be Catholic.) He has been the subject of magazine profiles mixing the ostensible condemnation of his views with the titillation of being so close to a “bad boy”. Pinch hitter 2 passwords He’s the easiest baddie that a journalist will ever nail because he plays up to it, revelling in his pantomime villain persona. Garden city utah Before it was suspended, his Twitter handle was @nero (he also maintained a secret account, @caligula). Cobblestone callouts And why not? All this calculated offensiveness brings in more money, more fame, more armies of fans. Baseball fields near me Critics get wrapped up in whether he means what he says, when it doesn’t matter: the effect does.

However, there is a reason why Yiannopoulos – educated at the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury, Kent until he was expelled – is now plying his trade in the US. Fantasy baseball mock draft 2016 A large number of British journalists remember his previous incarnation. Fantasy basketball draft guide Before he was a “provocateur”, he was a failed tech blogger with a vindictive streak and a poor record with money.

Yiannopoulos got his first break as Bianca Jagger’s speechwriter and was part of the Telegraph blogs squad put together by Damian Thompson, now the editorial director of the Catholic Herald, which also included James Delingpole and Dan Hodges.

He is an adept chameleon and has had three names already. Football games today Born Milo Hanrahan, he briefly traded under “Milo Andreas Wagner” before settling on a surname taken from his Greek grandmother. Mlb scores from yesterday (As Wagner, he wrote a 2007 book of poetry called Eskimo Papoose, featuring lines such as “I shall not be your passive victim/Buggering my way to freedom/On white linen wings”. Football schedule today He now describes it as a work of satire. Cbs sports fantasy football podcast Of what, it’s hard to say.)

His reputation in Britain was sustained by pettiness. Opening day baseball When the tech site that he founded, the Kernel, racked up thousands of pounds in unpaid bills, he told one contributor that she was “behaving like a common prostitute” in wanting to be paid. Garden ideas Another, Jason Hesse, won a high court order for unpaid wages in 2013. Usa basketball olympics roster 2016 (After the Kernel was sold to German investors, others were also paid.) And when the Guardian’s Charles Arthur complained that the Kernel was using his photo without permission, Yiannopoulos sent over an intern with £60 in pennies.

After that incident, James Ball – now at BuzzFeed – wrote, “People in both tech and the media are frightened of Milo: he’s a man they discuss in DMs [direct messages], not open Twitter (or open anything).” That is still true. Dripping springs isd jobs Everyone who criticises him knows that they risk a backlash from his fans, and that oh-so-postmodern ironic harassment feels just like the real thing.

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