Winter white makes comeback – new jersey herald –

Today, as residents return to work and school after a much-anticipated snow day, deep drifts, black ice and windswept roads may still result in hazardous conditions.

“At the height of the storm, which was really between 4 and 10 a.m., the snow was falling at a rate of between one and three inches per hour,” AccuWeather meteorologist Alyson Hoegg said.

Data collected by the National Weather service indicates that snow accumulation in the region ranged from 7.5 inches in Montague to 9 inches in the Stockholm section of Hardyston to 11.1 inches in Highland Lakes.

Though ice and snow are a familiar part of the February landscape for this part of the state, the sudden arrival of so much winter weather all at once seemed almost unfair after an unseasonably warm day on Wednesday where temperatures reached a record high of 57 degrees. Where is yankee stadium The previous record high for Feb. Atkinsons fencing leeds 8 was 52 degrees, set in Newton in 2009.

“We only see these big dramatic temperature changes about once every year or so,” she said. Senior softball “The conditions really have to line up just right, but when they do, we can go from spring back to winter over the course of just a few hours.”

In this case, those conditions arose when a storm carrying plenty of snow came in from the west to meet a cold, low-pressure system that was on its way down from Canada.

“Temperatures are going to stay in the mid- to upper-30s over the next few days, which means that some of the snow will be melting during the day,” she said. How to design a sprinkler system “But, the overnight lows for Friday and Saturday will be at or below freezing, which means that things could get icy if the wet roads start to freeze up.”

“Another storm is going to head into the area by Saturday, but it should mostly be rain. Drip coffee caffeine Unfortunately, though, if the temperature drops more than a few degrees, we could be looking at some ice or freezing rain.”

Photos by Daniel Freel/New Jersey Herald – Nick Bileci, left, holds his daughter Alanna, 2, as his sister-in-law Morgan Doran, right, holds her daughter Hayleigh Bileci, 15 months, while they play Memory Park in Newton Wednesday. Pitching mechanics The same spot is pictured Thursday after the storm.

By 8 p.m., 168 Sussex County customers remained without power, the majority of them in Hopatcong and Wantage. Garden layout ideas JCP&L estimated power would be fully restored by 10 p.m, according to its website outage map.

Over the past several years, Morano said, JCP&L has invested “a fair amount” of resources into improving the local infrastructure to help ensure that utility poles and wires can withstand a heavy storm.

Though Morano was unable to say exactly how many residents lost power during the storm, he noted that the number of emergency calls that the company received was “relatively low” compared to the volume generated by similar emergency situations in the past.

“We’ve had crews out all night and throughout the day, and we are still following the storm response plan. Pinch hitter 3 We’ve got extra crews on standby, and we will keep working until everything is back on,” Morano said on Thursday afternoon.

The emergency room was relatively quiet on Thursday, said Dr. What is irrigation mean Anothony Brutico, director of the Emergency Department at Atlantic Health System’s Newton Medical Center, but that didn’t surprise him.

“When people look out the window and see a foot of snow, they stay inside. Landscaping ideas around pool When they turn on the TV and the police are telling them to stay off the roads, they do,” he said. Spring training florida map “But, when the snow starts to melt and the roads look fine, that’s when people take chances.”

To illustrate his point, Brutico said that the ER saw more weather-related injuries on Tuesday when the day was calm and clear than it did on Thursday during the storm.

“Slip and fall injuries are obviously very common this time of year, but a lot of them can be prevented,” he said. How to pitch an idea “On Tuesday, when there was no snow but a lot of invisible ice, we had more than 30 people come in with injuries ranging from dislocated elbows to broken ankles. Cbssports fantasy football It’s so important not to take the weather for granted and to pay attention to your surroundings.”

“People start getting antsy, or they just have to get out and get back to work and school, which makes sense,” he said. Tennessee softball “Taking a little extra time to get around, though, can make a huge difference. Spring training Just be careful out there.”

“People who may not normally be very active suddenly find themselves shoveling heavy snow or hauling wood back and forth to the house. Garden planner download It’s like a self-inflicted stress test,” he said.

“Take plenty of breaks, stay hydrated, and listen to what your body is telling you. Landscape definition geography If you know that you have a heart condition or respiratory issues, try to find someone to help with the heavy lifting,” he said.

“Between midnight and 7 p.m. Softball canada on Thursday, we responded to six calls for motor vehicle accidents, six calls for downed wires or other debris in the road, and four calls for motorist aid,” Cisko said.

“Honestly, it certainly could have been a lot worse. Washington baseball team name We’re incredibly lucky up here. Irrigation system definition The road crews and the local departments of public works do a great job, which really helps to keep everyone safe,” he said.

Downed power lines on Route 23 also caused serious traffic delays throughout the day Thursday in Wantage, resulting in lane closures and power outages in the area.

“The plows have been out and have been doing a great job,” he said, “but with wind like this there are going to be snowdrifts other and possible debris in the roads. Landscaping stores near me Some of this snow is going to melt, and the roads could easily freeze up. Nba fantasy mock draft 2016 Pay extra attention to the roads, and be on the lookout for ice.”