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Rich and Young. Vegetable garden layout ideas If it sounds like an aspirational lifestyle brand, that’s happily apropos. Francesca battistelli free to be me Elliat Rich and her husband, James Young, are emblematic of a new breed of designer-makers who nonchalantly disrupt the status quo.

Eschewing the endless chatter of the East Coast intelligentsia, the pair took off after graduating from the Sydney College of Arts and spent a year trekking 2000 kilometres through the Snowy Mountains, across the One Tree plain then along the Murrumbidgee River up to Broken Hill. Spring training arizona On camel.

“Actually, two camels and three donkeys,” Elliat says with a laugh. Baseball diamond clipart “We spent a year acquiring the animals, training them and ourselves, making all our pack gear and a few dollars. Nsa softball Then we just took off for another year. Garden city kansas Being able to walk, to be in your own head and maintain one line of thought for sometimes hours on end is a very unique experience.”

In an era of mindfulness, their odyssey took them close to nirvana. Frances bean cobain instagram At least, to Uluru. Softball tournaments in nj Rich eventually accepted an internship in Alice Springs at the Centre for Appropriate Technology’s Enterprise Workshop, which delivers training and experience to Aboriginal makers. Softball field diagram Young began work on a camel farm, before enrolling in a custom-made footwear course at Adelaide TAFE (one of the few institutions to still teach the skill). Football scores for tonight Today he makes highly refined footwear for men and women, as well as sumptuous baggage.

Rich specialises in intellectually rigorous conceptual design, but with a rawness uniquely of its place. Garden design online You can feel it in her Coolgardie Line pedestal, which takes the rustic simplicity of a makeshift colonial strongbox and turns it into an abstracted tallboy in timber, brass and resin. Garden of words trailer The three-panelled screen from the same series is reminiscent in its gangly elegance of the work of French master craftsman Jean-Michel Frank. Fencing Her Urban Billy, composed of five hand-formed pieces of borosilicate glass with a bent mountain ash sleeve and lid embodies all the ritual of colonial tea-making, stylishly updated.

Last year, visitors to the new Australian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture were invited to sit and take in the exhibition in a series of Anerle-aneme chairs designed by Rich and handmade from strips of spray-painted black, ochre and blue steel by a team of seven craftspeople (Rich acknowledges each by name). High pitch eric blue bloods Anerle-aneme means “sit a little while” in the Arrernte language of central Australia.

The chairs were scattered about The Pool, a swimming pool installed in the space with a spoken soundscape by Olympians Ian Thorpe and Shane Gould, author Christos Tsiolkas, musician Paul Kelly and fashion brand Romance Was Born, among others.

“Elliat’s aesthetic aligned perfectly with ours,” says architect Isabelle Tolland, creative director of The Pool along with Michelle Tabet and Amelia Holliday. French flag history “There’s a certain nostalgia embedded in her designs that speaks to our shared childhoods. Propeller pitch The chairs were very much part of the overall installation, not just functional stations from which to view it.” Dreams and reality

“When James and I decided to move here we had an idealistic vision of being able to affect change within a fairly troubled community. Garden centre dubai But little by little we had to let some of those ideals go and work with the reality of things, to reassess our roles here based on experience and in sync with the knowledge gained by people who have been here a long time.

“Oh, you know, I guess we miss some of those ‘networking’ opportunities,” she chuckles. Baseball league leaders “But out here there’s a great mix of not just creatives but also trade practitioners, and that means that our ideas, like our ideals, are anchored to a new sense of reality.”

It’s a reality that offers unique opportunities. Fencing chicago Rich and Young are collaborating with Brazilian design superstars Fernando and Humberto Campana, on a National Gallery of Victoria commission, producing designs with Aboriginal makers.

“It’s a project I would never feel comfortable doing,” Rich admits, “but with an external ‘neutral’ factor it dissipates the [black and white] ‘sides’ and feels OK.”